Tigerclaw Sharpening is a small independent family business.

We see knives as functional cutting tools with high aesthetic value. To some of us, a knife will be our constant companion in the field or in a kitchen. To others, a knife will be collected, admired, and even serve as an investment or generational heirloom. To many, knives are tools that have or will save a life. These dynamic interpretations of the tool require a dynamic approach to sharpening. We strive to help keep an edge on your blade that serves your needs and honors the design, style, and vision of the makers. We believe that a sharp knife is a safe knife: A fine edge can exponentially reduce the amount of force and momentum required to accomplish any given task.

Our philosophy is to leave as little of an imprint as possible when performing our work. We do this by recycling all cardboard and paper, refraining from use of products that will end up in a landfill or in the ocean, and mindfully disposing of hazardous wastes and materials.

Although firearms are featured in some of our photos, these are not meant as political statements.

As homage to the magnificent animal that inspired our business name, we donate 10% of all proceeds to big cat conservation through Panthera. By using our services, you are helping sustain global research initiatives and active programs that help wild cats survive.  Learn more at

Portrait of Young White Tiger in an Indian Tiger Reserves. The tiger has beautiful blue eyes and it was watching something. The tiger in sharp focus and not looking at the camera.